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As my hometown, Brooklyn, is surrounded by water, so are we all surrounded by the virtually invisible remnants of our own history. If you look, and listen carefully, these images will speak to you. Their whispers will transport you to a pre-skyscraper era as surely as a time machine. Their fragile presence, and the ongoing disappearance of their kind makes me wonder what became of the people who forged these places... who left work one day, never to return. Ever wonder what will become of us, and the things we make?

Maritime Studies is a subset of the Vestiges of Industry series that focuses on pre-computer-era vessels and nautical technology. I make these pictures where I find them, but quite a few have been made in New York, where there is a thriving maritime-preservation and historical community. A number of the images in this selection depict four vintage touchstones of New York’s vanishing seafaring heritage: the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Red Hook’s Todd Shipyard, the Fireboat J.J. Harvey, and the Tugboat Pegasus.

Check out this video about shooting aboard the Fireboat JJ Harvey.

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