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Jean Miele teaches Photoshop and Digital Darkroom Technique. He has taught for The Maine Media Workshops, Apple, Adobe, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, ICP - International Center of Photography in New York, Anderson Ranch, Fuji USA, En Foco, APA - NY, ASMP Oregon, and many others.

Jean Miele teaches Photoshop and Digital Darkroom Technique. He has taught for The Maine Media Workshops, Apple, Adobe, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York, Anderson Ranch, Fuji USA, En Foco, APA, ASMP, the Norwegian Fotografiakademiet and many others.

  • In addition to my photographic work, I've taught photography to thousands of photographers, coast-to-coast and internationally. The goals for my workshops are simple: demystify digital, empower students to realize their own photographic vision, and make sure everybody has fun in the process.

    I'm proud to have taught for Adobe; Apple Computer; International Center of Photography (ICP) - where I'm on the faculty; B&H; the Maine Media Workshops; Anderson Ranch; Fuji USA; ASMP; APA-NY; New York's Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT); the Norwegian Fotografiakademiet; the Norwegian Press Photographer’s Association; and many, many others.

    I have also been featured as a presenter at the PDN PhotoPlus International Conference & Expo; the Society for Photographic Education (SPE) National Conference; and FotoFusion. I'm particularly honored to have been an invited guest lecturer on photography at: the School of Visual Arts (SVA); New York University (NYU); and the Columbia University School of Journalism.
  • What's unique about your workshops?
    My workshops tend to emphasize "why-to" as an access to "how-to." Whatever the tools are, camera, Photoshop, LightRoom, Epson printer… if you don't have a clear intention, a plan, a desire, it's much harder to know what to do with the tools. Helping students heighten their awareness of what they're trying to say - what their pictures are really about – helps them see what to do with the tools and the software. It's not about gear or menus, it's about making pictures! Reminding students of that gives them access to power. Real success comes from "listening" to your pictures - asking them what they need - and letting that guide your work.

    What can students expect to cover?
    Everything's all connected; I teach students to start with a really good picture with a strong focal-point, emotional resonance, great light, and good geometry. I teach them to take responsibility for everything in the frame, and I show them how to process RAW files to direct (or re-direct) the viewer's attention to the primary area of interest. Once the file is processed, the choice of paper, proper use of color-management during printing, and final method of presentation all make or break the image. Teaching students to be more aware of their choices, and how to connect all these dots is the key to helping them learn to "think" photographically.

    When we talk about a great photograph or b&w print, we’re not really just talking about the print. Traditional or digital, there are a thousand choices each photographer makes during the process of finding, shooting, editing, and printing a single picture. I show students how important every one of those little choices is, and teach them to make good decisions during each stage of their process. It's kind of like cooking: you start with the best, freshest ingredients, handle them with respect, figure out the best way to blend them together, and carefully dice, slice, season, and cook them. Undercooking means you’re not getting the most out of what you’ve got. Overcooking can ruin everything, regardless of how good the ingredients were to begin with. Likewise, even when you do everything else right, too much salt and you're in trouble. I teach photographers to expand and broaden their awareness of all stages of their process.

    What is the structure of your workshops (how is time divided up)?
    Five-day workshops provide time enough to cover almost everything. There's a lot of hands-on work in the digital lab, experimenting and practicing. There are step-by-step demonstrations, portfolio reviews, and conversations: about the history of photography, the kinds of work we love, where we're stuck, where we'd like to go. Five-day workshops usually include field-trips to make new images and to learn about RAW capture and camera-handling. What's also really nice about places like the Maine Media Workshops is that everyone's away from the distractions of home. There's a beautiful clearing to focus on the work, with the added bonus of getting to know other people who are as passionate about photography as you are.

    Weekend workshops are more intensive. We cover a lot of ground in two days! You can learn an awful lot about a particular aspect of the photographic process in a couple of days. And I'm perennially amazed by how great every group of students is, and how much fun we can have. I've made a lot of new friends at weekend workshops. Getting together with people who are as passionate about photography as you are is actually one of the best reasons to take a workshop.

    What do your students take away from their workshops?
    Workshops are a place to explore. Whether it's learning to "think" in black-and-white, or asking ourselves what risks we need to take to reach the next level, I help students put the puzzle pieces together. Every student completes their workshop with a new understanding of their own intentions, and everyone reaches the "next level" – whatever that is for them. Depending on the focus of the workshop, you may take home ideas for new directions for your work, beautiful new photographs, a new mastery of inkjet printing (along with prints!), a whole new arsenal of software techniques, or all of the above.

    What level are your workshops geared for?
    Generally speaking, my workshops are not for beginners. When everyone is already completely at home with computers and comfortable with the basics, it allows for an accelerated learning experience for everyone. I love helping people who are already good take their work to the next level.
  • I often do one-on-one instruction for photographers who want to bring their skills to the next level.
    I work with clients both in person, and on Skype. In fact, it's easy to share computer screens via Skype!

    DIGITAL DARKROOM sessions focus on Lightroom workflow, Photoshop technique (layers & masks, for example), or using Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom's develop module to transform RAW files into finished images.

    PORTFOLIO REVIEWS and individual one-on-one editing sessions are a great way to find out what's working and what's not – and what to do about it. Having an unbiased eye look at your work and provide direct but compassionate feedback is an effective way to accelerate your learning process, especially when it comes to projects, websites, and bodies of work in-progress.

    MINI-WORKSHOPS can be arranged in NY to delve, hands-on, into any of the above, studio lighting, camera technique – or whatever you'd like to focus on.

    The curriculum can be whatever you need it to be... In fact, helping figure that out is one of the things I do best. Give a call, and we'll figure out how to bring your work to the next level.
  • "Gino, you're a photo-poet. Thanks for opening the doors of the spirit."
    - Eddie Vega. Poet and Beings of Light workshop participant.

        “Every few years I treat myself to a photo workshop. I find that hanging with like minds in a glorious locale is a magical kick in the butt - taking yourself to the edges of things, the edges of weather systems, the edges of mountains and, most importantly, the edges of your comfort zones only helps your vision. I had the great good luck to attend the 'Visual Alchemy' workshop at Anderson Ranch with Jean Miele instructing. I spent almost my entire adult life in a chemical darkroom working and teaching inner city kids the joy of the creative life under red lights and running water. My journey to the digital world was joyful but difficult - having little capacity for linear thought - and though my digital images are fine they were uneven in tonality, luminosity and quality.
        Jean's workshop has allowed me to journey to a fine image with constancy and transfer my visual awareness into a finished piece with confidence... from intuition to fruition. This is no small thing. AND .... for the stuff I forget - I have Jean's workbook! Highly recommended. I have found that the finest teachers are generous souls. Thanks for a perfect workshop experience - informative and inspirational. Exactly what I had hoped for and more.”
    - Kathleen Fischer

    “Wow! What a great class. All I can say is thank you for so many great ideas, concepts and techniques… A week just isn't enough!!”
    - Ted Eyes

    "I am writing on behalf of the PAI Board and Membership of PAI to express our sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks for your creative and inspiring photography presentation... By the responses of those who were present, your selfless generosity in sharing your personal and professional experiences, ideas, opinions, expertise and advice was not only compelling, but also instructive and enriching. It is with pleasure that I extend to you a collective Bravo! from all of us. We look forward to seeing you and your work again in the future."
    - Leonora Goldberg, President – and the entire Board of Photographic Arts & Imaging (NYC)

    “Jean... thanks, again, for instruction, inspiration and friendship.”
    - Chuck Kimmerle

    “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your (Palm Beach) workshop and, more than that, to let you know how much I am using the experiences you gave us during the sessions. I find myself thinking back through how you approached problems as I edit my own work and how I might avoid those problems as I shoot. You're a gifted teacher. Thanks!”
    - Kerry Maxwell

    “Your… seminar completely changed the way I see and use Photoshop… Thank you.”
    - Roy Somech

    “Since I attended your workshop, I have been adding more work to my portfolio... What I learned from you has been helping me a lot! Thank you for giving me such a good and practical class.”
    - Hirotaka "Ken" Kasuga

    “Your B&W class ranks as #1 for me in terms of take-aways and being able to take my B&W to the next level. I LOVED THAT CLASS!”
    - Ann Raine

    Thank you again for the class. I love your teaching style - it is informative, inquisitive, thought-provoking and upbeat.
    - Keisha Scarville

    “Still basking in all that I learned!! Went back and re-did several interior photos - what a difference!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You were most generous with your knowledge, time and energy...”
    - Jennie Jones

    “Thanks for a great class and a real commitment to our learning as much as possible..”
    - Madeline Gleich

    "Thank you for a great class, Jean. I have been masking images for my latest project all day! The difference in the images I have been working on is amazing."
    - Sharon Collins

    As I said to you on Sunday, I really enjoyed the class and you are a terrific teacher.
    - Richard S. Zimmerman

    “Thanks for such a fun and educational workshop. It was a quality program and your presentation and interaction with the students was wonderful. It certainly reflected well on our chapter.”
    - Dan Bronson, Board of Directors, ASMP Portland, Oregon

    “I was in your Adorama Class last weekend and found it excellent. You managed to keep on track despite the complexity of PS, the subject, and our many questions. I particularly liked your graphics that depicted how layers and masks are stacked: made it very understandable..”
    - Libby Collins

    “It was good to see someone else who stresses the overall Photoshop mentality instead of how-to techniques. Some trainers do a disservice to their students by focusing on the tools rather than the process. I was very impressed with your knowledge and your teaching technique and I feel that you have a high level of professional integrity… I truly enjoyed meeting you. When you come back, be sure to let me know. ”
    - Mark Fitzgerald, Adobe Certified Expert

    “What a pleasure and opportunity it was for us to spend two days in your Portland workshop, followed by the extra day in our studio…Your ability, tenacity, patience and humor contributed greatly to so many ahh-hah moments for me... I have plowed through books, done the DVD's, but your contribution will save my Photoshop life. Thanks Jean!”
    - Edward Gowans

    “Just wanted to say thanks. The class last week was great, I really learned a lot. I have no formal training in Photoshop and have been mostly plugging along, doing some reading, and just teaching myself. My life (at least as far as Photoshop is concerned!) should be much easier… Your teaching style is great.”
    - John Gozelski

    “Thanks so much - I had a wonderful experience in your ICP class this weekend…”
    - Michele Scotto

    “Thanks Jean. I appreciate your help. Besides being a good photographer, you are a nice guy.”
    - John Humphrey

    “I must tell you how excited I am to finally be getting this. It really is a testament to your teaching philosophy and approach; image, intent and then technique. In my own classes, I insist that the student see technique as a device towards communicating a photographs ideas and intent, first and foremost! ”
    - A Well Respected Photography Professor

    “I am so thrilled with the images that I made with you in Maine. My ability to create B&W images has given me a new energy to go out and shoot... I am finally proud enough to show the world my photography and be comfortable in my presentation at the same time. You made our class so great... and I am blown away by the talent in our group.”
    - Jonas Caufield

    “I cannot tell you how much what you taught has helped me…"
    - Jenn Tarbox

    “I just wanted to thank you again for the Adorama Black and White Class you taught last Sunday. It was excellent and more. I have been to any number of workshops, bought more books than I needed, and downloaded various tutorials and videos online and I can readily say that the teaching time with you was far superior to any of my other efforts. You combine an enormous knowledge base, a congenial teaching style, and of course, your eye, to make for an exceptional teacher. I learned what I wanted, and more. I hope you will be expanding the list of workshops you offer in the city, as I will sign up in a flash. Many thanks.”
    - Judith Butler

    “You're among the very best… ”
    - Len Hellerman

    “Thank you for the opportunity to assist with your Layers and Masks class... Having taken and assisted many photography classes, I think yours was one of the best at helping students of all levels to take something very helpful with them...”
    - Herman Mao

    “Jean's lectures on light and his demonstrations on seeing and producing the "pop" in a good image were invaluable to me. Since returning home, I have been putting into practice the methods that were covered and am delighted to report that I am able to translate them not only to the black and white photographs I am working on but the color ones as well. I am much more aware of the direction and color of light, what needs to stand out in a photograph, and how to make it stand out. This is a direct result of Jean's personal attention and constructive criticism during the workshop. Not only did he take the time to teach photographic theory, the topic of a class in itself, but he then taught us how to make it happen in Photoshop.
...As a class [we] agreed that this was the best learning experience and workshop in which we had ever participated. Jean succeeded in effectively covering some highly technical information in a short amount of time and he created an atmosphere of camaraderie and fellowship. We arrived as individual photographers and left reluctantly as friends. Kudos to Jean and thank you to the Santa Fe Workshops for a fantastic experience..”
    - Karen Craig

    “You are definitely one of the people who have been a positive force in my life. I was in your ICP intensive weeklong class last summer. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all your insights, photographic and otherwise…”
    - James Williamson

    “Thank you for teaching the essentials & concepts of Photoshop in an outstanding way…”
    - Heinz Danzberger

    “I was one of the attendees at your workshop on Layers and Masks at Adorama in New York. I wanted to say a personal "Thank You" for a wonderful workshop! It was very informative, and just at the level that I wanted and needed. I learned a lot that I can put to good use immediately. Many thanks.”
    - Peter Promen

    “Thanks for your seminar yesterday. I learned a lot.”
    - David Fryburg

    “I was a darkroom guy, but even those skills were not the best. Since seeing your black and white work, I'm totally inspired to work with my negatives again.”
    - Pablo Damon

    “A sincere thank you for the wonderful course you gave today. You filled the course with marvelous detail and yet left me with the simple keys needed to open my personal exploration of the wonderful tool that is Photoshop. I generally do not learn these things quickly but have to mull over concepts and work with them until I understand the "language". You gave me the opening that I needed to begin that exploration… I look forward to meeting you again.”
    - Martin Lederman

    “Thank you so much for a fabulous class yesterday and sharing your work with us - it was truly inspiring.”
    - Celia Rogge

    “Just wanted to thank you... the class I took from you at the Santa Fe workshops last summer has been a tremendous help in all of my work - personally and professionally… ”
    - Courtenay Morgan Redis

    “I enjoyed the course yesterday and expect that it will likely change the way I work. I have been working with Photoshop for years, but rarely used layer masks and really didn't understand them until yesterday. Thank you.”
    - Jerry Wein

    “THANK YOU for the class - - you are a wonderful teacher with great energy and you are very generous with your knowledge. I wish I took your class years ago!!! [It was]… extremely eye opening and I think you're a really cool dude.”
    - Richard Cohen

    “The Photoshop class was great today. Used some of the techniques this evening and got better B&W prints. Please e-mail me when you are going to teach another class. Thanks.”
    - Craig Nisnewitz

    “Really enjoyed the seminar today and picked up some great tips… Thanks for the help.”
    - Jeff Rosenberg

    “Thanks for a great seminar at Adorama. I appreciate it.”
    - David Kaptein

    “Your [Adorama black-and-white] workshop was really great. It cleared up much of my confusion about masking and channeling... Thanks so much.”
    - Charlotte Sigel

    “Just a few words on how much I enjoyed our B&W workshop last week. Your enthusiasm, organization and emphasis on essentials was very much appreciated. I thought our little group was very compatible, in no small part due to your leadership. Hope our paths cross again.”
    - Paul Thomasset

    “You are SO kind... Jean, I really owe you a huge thank you for putting me on [the digital infrared] path. It really is the answer for me. All good wishes.”
    - Carolyn Bross

    “I want you to know that I started using what I learned in your workshop as soon as I got back to work. Life is so much easier now! I am really enjoying using the tools you taught us. It was worth every bit of Dell's money to send me to Santa Fe.”
    - Bryan Kuntz

    “I would like to say thank you. I can not tell you how big your class at ICP was for me. So many things that I was confused about with my art work are clear now. I can see what I should do next. Your class was priceless for me.”
    - Yuriko Kubota

    “I attended your RAW Advanced Techniques class at Adorama today and took away greater insight on the power of RAW to enhance my work. I realize that one day is too short a time to go in depth on such a robust topic, but I still took away many ideas investigate further. Hopefully I'll be able to attend another one of your classes in the future. Thanks for exposing the possibilities of RAW.”
    - Paul Vuto

    “I got a lot out of the RAW class you taught yesterday at Adorama and just wanted to say thanks.”
    - Patricio Henriquez

    “Thank you for a wonderful workshop!! You gave us exactly what we needed… and provided a real boost forward.”
    - Maria Myrland & Chris Heyerdahl, Norway

    “I learned SO much and I have been successfully using it with my images. Your course was the best one that I have taken. You are a very good, patient teacher who seems to be very concerned that the student "gets" something out of the time he/she spends with you. I also enjoyed the togetherness of our group, which also made the week special. The whole week was a wonderful experience. Thank you very much.”
    - Bob Ludwig

    “I still get a kick out of how backwards my workflow was before the Santa Fe workshop. And I love the “oooh ahaas” I get from my friends who work in Photoshop when they see how powerful the layers and masking approach is.”
    - Andy Aagard

    “Thank you for your very generous, patient, good teaching…”
    - Jim Goldsmith

    “Thank you for your wonderful Portland ASMP workshop… Your teaching is sensible and accessible; your work is beautiful and inspiring; your insight into people is keen; and I can't thank you enough for serving it all up in an appealing weekend. Thanks for lunch, too! ”
    - Annaliese Moyer

    “Thank you for your professionalism and guidance at the Fuji [Digital Darkroom Seminar] at [Fashion Institute of Technology in New York]. Your work inspires many people.”
    - Steve Stathoudakis

    “Thanks for a great workshop last Saturday--your work is amazing!”
    - Jessica Haverstick

    I took your [ASMP] weekend workshop in Portland, Oregon... Thank you for the more than rewarding workshop you conducted. Your accessible personality and extensive knowledge made for an incredible weekend.”
    - Gary Wilson

    “I want to let you know how much I enjoyed your [ASMP] talk... here in Portland last weekend. You presented the material in a most user friendly manner. This information will definitely change the way I use my computer for editing and printing.”
    - John Eric Lutz

    “I have really come to love...working in layers and channels. It has really given me control. Thanks again and [I] look forward to your next visit [to Portland, Oregon].”
    - Kevin Laubacher

    “Thanks so much for [showing me how to minimize banding in continuous tone areas of my digital files]... your way to correct the issue was brilliant, and is yet another lesson in how powerful a good command of Photoshop can be. You are a great teacher.”
    - John Bigelow Taylor

    “I enjoyed your program at the Soho Gallery last year. You have converted me to using the computer as a tool in my photography... Thanks so much for your help.”
    - Marie Hickman

    “Really enjoyed your seminar at the Fernbank [Museum in Atlanta]... thanks for sharing the techniques and the photos. Your collection at Fernbank was fantastic.”
    - Barry Gilliand

    “I enjoyed your presentation at [Fashion Institute of Technology in New York]... Thanks.”
    - Michael Ginsburg

    “I have just returned from your fine art digital printing presentation at [the] Fernbank [Museum] in Atlanta. I enjoyed the presentation very much and appreciate your willingness to share... Thanks...”
    - Tom Thompson

    “I attended your workshop last weekend at Fernbank in Atlanta. Very enjoyable. I am new to Photoshop and, as a result of your [Digital darkroom Seminar], newly inspired to go out and photograph... Thanks again for a wonderful presentation!!”

    - Stephen Adams

    “I have been doing photography for 26 years and have been mortified by the prospect of having to learn a completely new set of skills. But it is learn or get left! Your "tutorial" really simplified and de-mystified some of the areas I have been working with”
    - Nathan McCreery

    “When I viewed "Trees and Cloud, Tuscany, Italy" it reminded me of a trip many years ago, and I relived the experience. When I went on line and viewed the rest of the portfolio of [your] images it forced me to pick up my camera... I will download the tutorials and begin. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge.”
    - Stanley Baum

    “Thanks again for the wonderful presentation [to my high school photography students]... I am always impressed by your words and pictures. Your energy and philosophies are contagious. I'm sure my students will put your comments into their own work... I really hope you know how much of an impact your presentation will have on them. I look forward to the results.”
    - Sandra Carrion, Photographer and Photo Instructor, New Hyde Park Memorial HS

    “I...learned how to use masking - layers - adjustment layers, in a way that erases the borderline between a traditional darkroom and a digital darkroom... ”
    - Erling S. Kristiansen, Norway

    “Very good atmosphere, good group, and a good teacher...Hopefully see you next year!”
    - Ketil Born, Norway

    “Thank you again for your enjoyable and enlightening talk at the "Vågå Fototreff" last Saturday...The audience present at your talk consisted of a large part of the country's serious amateur photographers and I could almost literally see how lights of understanding kindled throughout the audience during the hour your talk lasted... I do think your talk and demonstrations may have caused a change of paradigm among our amateur photographers.”
    - Jan Meyer, Norway

    “An e-mail to tell you what a good job I think you did last night at the APA [Photoshop Q&A] event. You... moved it along nicely and I have to believe that everyone [who] attended got something... Thanks again for the good work.”
    - John Peden

    “...sincere thanks for the time and energy you put in [to the APA-NY Photoshop Q&A]. I definitely benefited from being there.”
    - Mark Niederman

    “Once again - your help has been invaluable to me... You're a good teacher.”
    - Stuart Zaro

    “Thank you for the weekend workshop I attended at ICP… Bottom line, the course was absolutely outstanding and amazing as to what you covered in two days. You are so organized and somehow seemed to stay in touch with all of us and our various needs and levels of understanding. The notes are also excellent. You are very generous with your time, materials, and knowledge. I really can't say enough about the value of this workshop. Thank you very much.”
    - Rosemary Swope

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Thank you for respecting the copyright of this photograph. This image file/photo is from Jean Miele's website: www.jeanmiele.com. Please do not reproduce this image in print or post it on the web without permission. To obtain permission to use this image - or to purchase original prints - please contact the photographer at 212-222-4808 or mail@jeanmiele.com Thanks!

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Thank you for respecting the copyright of this photograph. This image file/photo is from Jean Miele's website: www.jeanmiele.com. Please do not reproduce this image in print or post it on the web without permission. To obtain permission to use this image - or to purchase original prints - please contact the photographer at 212-222-4808 or mail@jeanmiele.com Thanks!

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Thank you for respecting the copyright of this photograph. This image file/photo is from Jean Miele's website: www.jeanmiele.com. Please do not reproduce this image in print or post it on the web without permission. To obtain permission to use this image - or to purchase original prints - please contact the photographer at 212-222-4808 or mail@jeanmiele.com Thanks!

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